Online Officials Tests

The Club and LANSW are keen to get as many parent volunteers accredited as officials. There are a two pathways, through LANSW and Athletics Australia.

LANSW runs Entry Level/Beginner courses during the year. This entry-level free practical face-to-face session is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge and skills to be able to assist with centre, club or zone level activities or simply help their own children. Click here for more information.

Athletics Australia provides online resources and tests for accreditation under the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme (AAOES). This is a joint initiative of Athletics Australia and Coles Little Athletics Australia, providing a seamless and transparent education pathway for Australian Athletics Officials.

The scheme is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and follows best industry practice, with online learning coupled with face-to-face delivery. The aim of the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme is to ensure an effective and efficient education framework is provided to guarantee Australian Athletics Officials remain world leaders in event delivery at all levels of athletic competition. Click here for more details and online registration.

The following information outlines the process for Officials to engage with Officials’ education in Australia.

Grading Level Notes
Level 0 Introduction to Officiating An Australian Sports Commission course for all sports in Australia. Although preferred, this is not compulsory for Athletics Officials.
Level 1 Club/Centre/School Official Basic Grading.
This is aimed at Officials wishing to officiate at a local/ club/centre/school level
Level 2 State Official This level is aimed at Officials wanting to:
- be appointed as a Chief or Referee at State Level
- be appointed as a Chief at National Level
Level 3 National Official This level is aimed at Officials wanting to be qualified to be appointed as:
- a Chief at National Level
- a Referree at National Level
- a position within Competition Management at a National level
Level 4 IAAF Technical Officials Education Certification Scheme - TOECS Level 2 (Diploma) 
- conducted by the Oceania Regional Development Centre
Eligible to be appointed as an Area Technical Official (ATO) - Oceania Athletics Association
Level 5 IAAF Technical Officials Education Certification Scheme - TOECS Level 3 (Diploma) 
- conducted by the IAAF
Eligible to be appointed as an International Technical Official (ITO) - worldwide/global


At the Club, Tim Batho is most familiar with the process of accreditation. He is available most Saturday competition mornings. If you want to know more, contact Tim via