Championship Rules

The Club competition to decide the various event and age champions will be run over the whole season with the exception of those weeks which are designated as non-championship weeks. All athletes must wear appropriate uniform, including registration numbers and age patches sewn or pinned on to the uniform.

Track Events:
All track events will be run under championship conditions.   Starting blocks  may be used by the U11-U17 age groups in the 100, 200 and 400 metre running and all hurdle events. Heats should have an even number of children (e.g. if 18 children are competing then they should be divided into 3 heats of 6 athletes.   If 14 children are competing then they should be divided into 2 heats of 5 children and a 3rd heat with 4 children). 

Field Events:
All events will be run under championship conditions. Children will participate in all field events (such as discus, shot put, javelin, high jump, long jump and triple jump) in ascending registration number order. One throw or jump shall be taken at a time and not three in a row.   Unless a foul or ‘no’ jump/throw occurs, each jump/throw will be measured.   At the completion of a field event the Age Managers will be responsible for the determination of each child's place in that event e.g. first, second, third etc. If a child is late for their event they can only enter at their next turn, i.e. if a child misses the first 2 throws/jumps they will only have one opportunity to record a distance dependant upon the time of their arrival.   If an athlete is late for the high jump they will only be allowed to attempt the height the bar is set at when their turn is due.